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How to setup my new email account on my PC

1)  Open up Outlook.

2)  Click on Tools > Email Accounts

3)  Select "Add New EMail Account".

4)  Select "POP3".

5)  Fill out the form with these details:

Your Name:  <Your Name>  (ie.  Bob Smith)

Incoming Mail Server: mail.<Your Domain> (ie

Outgoing Mail Server: mail.<Your Domain> (ie

EMail Address:  <Your Full Email Address> (ie.

User Name:  <Your Full Email Address> (ie.

Password:  <Your Password>

NOTICE:  By default, Outlook will usually use an incomplete value for your username.  Make SURE to double check that it is your FULL email address.

6)  Click on the "More Settings" button.

7)  Select the "Outgoing Server" tab.  Check "My outgoing mail server requires authentication".

8)  Click on the "Advanced" tab.  Set your "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" port to be 2525.

9)  Click OK > Next > Finish to complete the process.

 Check email though webmail interface           

If you need to check your email through the webmail interface, please follow these instructions:

1)  Go to http://webmail.YOURDOMAIN.COM

2)  Login with your entire email address and your password.

For example, if your email address is "" you would log in using "" as your username.

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