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Missing a custom Log in module? I know where it is.

Apparently there have been enough people that  have accidentally assigned the login page setting to a page that did not exist on their website and were then unable to get into the site that the DNN Corp decided to take preventative code that will redirect the user to the actual DNN Log in page. Here is a screen shot from an Admin settings page under the advanced settings (just in case you did not know where you could find what I am referring to)Login Page Setting While in theory this is a good idea it doesn’t fair well with custom or 3rd party login modules. In short the fix to this is to drop the DNN Login module onto the same page and set it to be visible to the admin only. This seems to resolve the problem. A word of caution, you may want to remember this or maybe even post it somewhere ;) so you can find it easily as this fix has been known to stop working with different DNN versions. Hopefully now this will not happen again. Seems to be a pretty important issue since there are so many 3rd party login modules available. If you would like details or more information read this post from the DNN forums or from the DNN Bug Log.

Posted by Dan Rowe on Tuesday, August 2, 2011   Tags DNN, Web Site, Tips & Tricks

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