Let us help you fit all the pieces together.

DTR Technology specializes in creating web solutions that are custom built for you and your business. We understand that you’re not in the website business and probably can't or don’t want to waste time on the details and hassles of creating and running your website. We also understand that while you may not want to be bothered with (or maybe you don't even know where to begin) installing, configuring and maintaining a website there are some task you may want to do on your own.  There are so many complexities working with websites and internet technologies but that does not have to slow you down. We can take you from that point of deciding you should have a website to having your website up and running ultimately creating more business for you.


Our consultant will work with you to determine what you need in order to meet your web solution requirements. Once your custom specifications are designed we will help you understand every step needed and the process that will be required to complete them. This will enable you to determine what you want to handle (if anything) on your own. Additionally you’re not locked into the plan; you will be able to modify your plan at any time so as you determine you want to handle more or less the plan can be customized.


Our technicians can provides training for website design and maintenance as well as DNN Module development from novice to advanced levels. We provide a knowledge base library that you can access that covers DTR specific subjects as well as hints and tricks to work with DotNetNuke and links to other resources all intended to simplify your websites success.

 Contact us today to start developing your customized plan.