DTR Technology also specializes in web sites and web applications based on your needs. We offer customized solutions for all your business needs. We can help you design a web solution that is built to your specifications both in functionality and appearance. We design all web sites and web applications on a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) Based on the DotNetNuke framework and can accomidate any size business from the sole proprieter to a large networked enterprise.
We put you in control of your web site! DTR Technology offers a customized plan for each entity we work with so you can get exactly the service and control over you website that you need. Regardless of the amount of control you desire we will create a custom plan for your needs. We have clients  that prefer to maintain everything after the site is set up and those that prefer to provide content for our technicians to update on the site for them. Or maybe you prefer to be in control of your sites content and appearance but don't want to be bothered with the worries of maintenace such as backups. Not to worry we will create a plan just for you. 

 What should your website do?

  • Your Website Should Work for you, Not against you
    Having a great website is usually an afterthought to small businesses, but having a web presence is increasingly vital to attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Your website can become a powerful tool to help your business run more efficiently, and make potential customers look forward to doing business with you. 
  • Your Website Should Provide your customers Access To Your Services
    Providing your customers with your services or products is your most important goal. Your customers need access to your services wether that would be purchasing new products or checking the progress of a service.  With the proper web functionality you can meet your customers needs at thier convienience while minimizing your resource requirements. 
  • Your Website Should Enable Your Employees Access To Recources Needed
    You should also be able to use your website to provide the access and resources to your teams so they can accomplish more no matter where they are. Access to important files or customer information should never stop them from accomplishing your goals. Keep track of your teams progress and maintain control no matter where they are located.
  • Your Website Should Be Maintainable Anytime, Anywhere
    You should be able to add pages, update content, and administer the website from any computer that has an Internet connection and a web browser. There's no expensive web development software to purchase, and no web developer for your business to depend on. Your website is in your hands, and you can make it as effective for your business as you want.
  • Your Website Should Should Have Fresh Content
    Having frequently-updated, fresh content on your website will keep existing customers coming back to your site to see special-offers, sales, and promotions that your business may have. Many people will only visit small business websites when they are looking for a product or service they need at that moment. If they visit your site every few months and see that nothing ever changes, they get the impression that your business is "stale" or not moving forward. Custom web solutions make it easy for you to keep your site looking new and exciting. Using newsletters, web-coupons, and blogs, etc are a great way to have fresh, updated content on your site and keep customers coming back to your site more frequently.
  • Your Website Should Have Private and Public Pages
    Our websites are easily, quickly extendible, and any portions of the site can be secured to allow different users access to only the areas of the site you want them to. An example of this is that your site could allow registered users to request and schedule appointments, and then notify them in advance of scheduling changes or conflicts. At the same time your employees can access calendars and vital information that is secured from competitors and clients. 

What functionality could your website provide?

  • Point of Sales
  • Public or Private Forums
  • Public or Private Newsletter Systems
  • Help Desk Ticketing Services
  • Customer Service Billing or P.O. Systems
  • Customer Service Management
  • Cloud Based Calendars and Syncronization
  • Cloud Based Email Access
  • Employee Time Management and Tracking
  • Project Control and Reporting
  • Cloud File Management
  • Human Resource Management
  •  ...

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